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Council Members

The Parish Council is made up of 14 elected councillors representing 7 wards in West End - Allington, Chartwell, Hatch Grange, Kanes Hill, Moorgreen, St James and Telegraph Woods. 

As a corporate body, the Parish Council is responsible for all assets and liabilities of the Council; to ensure that all decisions are democratic and to also ensure that the precept is used wisely for the benefit of electors within its powers and duties. The precept is the money allocated to West End Parish Council by Eastleigh Borough Council from the collection of council tax. The Parish Council sets a budget each year based on this amount. 

At the Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council held in May each year, the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer are elected. All Councillors agree to serve on at least one of the following Committees: 

  • Policy & Resources
  • Personnel
  • Recreation & Environment
  • Planning & Highways

Below are the Councillors representing West End Parish Council for 2021/2022.

Feel free to contact your local Parish Councillor by telephone or via e-mail using the details provided, or by writing to West End Parish Council.  


Councillor J Asman

Chartwell Ward

Tel: 023 8046 5432      

E-mail: janice.asman@eastleigh.gov.uk  

Register of Members' Interests Form


Councillor C Boulton

Chartwell Ward       

Tel: 023 8047 3693    

E-mail: carol.boulton@westend-pc.gov.uk

Register of Members' Interests Form


Councillor R MacDonald

Moorgreen Ward  

Tel: 023 8047 3093     

E-mail: rick.macdonald@westend-pc.gov.uk 

Register of Members' Interests Form


Councillor T Craig 

Kanes Hill Ward     

Tel: 023 8040 4680 

E-mail: tonia.craig@westend-pc.gov.uk

Register of Members' Interests Form


Councillor J Goguel

Allington Ward     

Tel: 023 8178 8847     

E-mail: john.goguel@westend-pc.gov.uk

Register of Members' Interests Form       


Councillor H Hellier

Hatch Grange Ward

Tel:  07808 871001    

E-mail: harry.hellier@westend-pc.gov.uk

Register of Members' Interests Form


Councillor A Price 

St James Ward

Tel: 023 8076 0945       

E-mail: alex.price@westend-pc.gov.uk

Register of Members' Interests Form



Telegraph Woods Ward



Register of Members' Interests Form


Councillor B Tennent

Hatch Grange Ward 

Tel: 07703 447365     

E-mail:  Bruce.Tennent@eastleigh.gov.uk

Notification by Member of a Local Authority of Financial and Other Interests


Councillor S Turl

Moorgreen Ward

Tel:  023 8036 0131   

E-mail: sarah.turl@westend-pc.gov.uk

Register of Members' Interest Form


Councillor T Bearder 

Chartwell Ward

Tel: 07789 754 727   

E-mail: tim.bearder@westend-pc.gov.uk

Register of Member's Interest Form


Councillor B Coles

St James' Ward


Tel: 07749 186870

E-mail: ben.coles@westend-pc.gov.uk

Register of Member's Interest Form


Councillor R Gomer

Allington Ward

Tel: 07568 797494

E-mail: richard.gomer@westend-pc.gov.uk

Register of Members' Interests Form


Councillor J Haylett

Moorgreen Ward

Tel: 07557 795118

Email: julie.haylett@westend-pc.gov.uk


County Councillors

Councillor S. Broomfield
Tel: 07876 548 101
Email: steven.broomfield@hants.gov.uk
Councillor T. Craig
Tel: 023 8040 4680
Email: tonia.craig@eastleigh.gov.uk

Borough Councillors

Councillor B Tennent
Tel: 07703 447 365
Email: bruce.tennent@eastleigh.gov.uk
Councillor T. Bearder
Tel: 07789 754 727
Email: tim.bearder@eastleigh.gov.uk
Councillor R Gomer
Tel: 07568 797 494
Email: richard.gomer@eastleigh.gov.uk
Councillor J Asman
Tel: 023 8046 5432
Email: janice.asman@eastleigh.gov.uk


Member of Parliament for the Eastleigh Constituency

Paul Holmes
Tel: 0207 219 3000
Email: paul.holmes.mp@parliament.uk

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