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Council Members


West End Parish Council is served by 14 Parish Councillors serving seven wards – Allington, Chartwell, Hatch Grange, Kanes Hill, Moorgreen, St James and Telegraph Woods.  Feel free to contact your local Parish Councillor by telephone or via e-mail using the details below, or by writing to West End Parish Office.  

CHAIR Councillor Mrs J Asman - Chartwell Ward

Tel. 023 8046 5432      e-mail: janice.asman@eastleigh.gov.uk  

   Register of Members' Interests Form

 Register of Members' Interests Form

VICE CHAIR Councillor Mrs C Boulton - Chartwell Ward       

Tel: 023 8047 3693     e-mail: carol.boulton@westend-pc.gov.uk

  Register of Members' Interests Form

  Councillor R MacDonald - Moorgreen Ward  Councillor

Tel. 023 8047 3093      e-mail: rick.macdonald@westend-pc.gov.uk 

   Register of Members' Interests Form

  Councillor Mrs T Craig - Kanes Hill Ward     

Tel: 023 8040 4680  e-mail: tonia.craig@eastleigh.gov.uk 

or tonia.craig@westend-pc.gov.uk     

  Register of Members' Interests Form  

  Councillor J Goguel - Allington Ward     

Tel: 023 8178 8847     e-mail: john.goguel@westend-pc.gov.uk

  Register of Members' Interests Form       

  Councillor H Hellier - Hatch Grange Ward

Tel:  07808 871 001      e-mail: harry.hellier@westend-pc.gov.uk

 Register of Members' Interests Form

  Councillor A Price - St James Ward

Tel: 02380 760 945       e-mail: alex.price@westend-pc.gov.uk

 Register of Members' Interests Form

  Councillor M Hodgson - Telegraph Woods Ward

Tel: 07850 115951          e-mail: Martin.Hodgson@westend-pc.gov.uk

 Register of Members' Interests Form

  Councillor B Tennent - Hatch Grange Ward 

Tel: 07703 447 365     e-mail:  Bruce.Tennent@eastleigh.gov.uk

 Notification by Member of a Local Authority of Financial and Other Interests

  Councillor S Turl - Moorgreen Ward

Tel:  023 8036 0131    e-mail: sarah.turl@westend-pc.gov.uk

Register of Members' Interest Form

  Councillor T Bearder - Chartwell Ward

Tel: 07789 754 727   email: tim.bearder@westend-pc.gov.uk

Register of Member's Interest Form


Councillor B Coles - St James' Ward


email: ben.coles@westend-pc.gov.uk

 Register of Member's Interest Form

  Councillor R Gomer - Allington Ward

Tel: 07568 797494        email: richard.gomer@eastleigh.gov.uk

 Register of Members' Interests Form




County Councillors

Councillor S. Broomfield        WEST END NORTH

Tel. tbc                  e-mail: tbc


Councillor T. Craig              WEST END SOUTH

Tel. 023 8040 4680               e-mail:  Tonia.craig@eastleigh.gov.uk


Borough Councillors

Councillor B Tennent

Tel.     Tel: 07703 447 365     e-mail:  Bruce.Tennent@eastleigh.gov.uk       


Councillor T. Bearder - West End South

Tel: 07789 754 727               e-mail:  Tim.Bearder@eastleigh.gov.uk


Councillor J. Asman

Tel: 023 8046 5432             e-mail:  Janice.Asman@eastleigh.gov.uk


Councillor R. Gomer - West End North

Tel:  07568 797 494             e-mail:  richard.gomer@eastleigh.gov.uk





Member of Parliament for the Eastleigh Constituency

Paul Holmes
Contact the Member at their Westminster address:
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