West End Parish Council

West End Parish Council


From Monday 1st June 2020, Sheridan Mockford will take up the reins as Clerk to West End Parish Council.


I wish him every success in the role. 


With all the crazy things going on in the world at the moment and us all having to  deal with the effects of Covid-19 and restrictions of the lockdown, my retirement as Clerk to  West End Parish Council has definitely crept up on me !  


I have really enjoyed working as Clerk to West End Parish Council – it has been a privilege.   I would like to thank the amazing staff team employed by the Council – grounds staff, admin officers, youth workers, café team and caretaking staff – all of whom have been conscientious in their roles, making my life so much easier. 


In early March 2020, the Parish Council offered the position of Clerk to Sheridan, who has been a great support to me in his role of Deputy Clerk and thoroughly deserves the promotion.


The restrictions of the lockdown meant that I haven’t had the opportunity to hand over properly to Sheridan, so I will be taking up a new part time role as Finance Officer for a six month period. 


This gives me the opportunity to ease into retirement slowly and also to be able to say goodbye to colleagues, councillors, hirers, and residents I have met and worked with over the years, and have not seen since the lockdown.


Let’s hope the situation improves, everyone stays safe and life returns to a new normal soon.


All the best,




29th May 2020